About us

Zhejiang Himpton New Material Co.,Ltd. was founded in May 2004, which located in the historic and cultural city-Hangzhou. We dedicate into the independent innovation, researching, production, marketing and related technical solution of environmental-friendly PVC heat steabilizers. Mainly holding four series products, Methyl tin stabilizers, Liquid composite heat stabilizers, Ca/Zn composite heat stabilizers,  and PVC lubricants. We are one of the top PVC heat stebilizers manufacturers and technical providers in China, whom has more completely product series and large-scale production.


Our products have succeed in applied to PVC printing film,advertising film, toy film, self-adhesive vinyl,furniture film,high grade artificial leather, magnetic cards, pipes and fittings, profiles, plastic particles, wire and cables, medical instruments etc.

The company is the member of China Plastics Processing Industry Association Plastic Additives Specialized Committee and is a national supporting high-tech enterprise. Based on Zhejiang Industrial University, Himpton has established the “Zhejiang Industrial University & Himpton Plastic Additives Institute”. Meanwhile,the company owns provincial enterprise technical center and variety of self-researched invention patents. The company attended in drafting seven national standards which related to PVC, and also attended in editing a guidance manual in heat stabilizer industry “PVC heat stabilizer application technology”. And the company have taken more than ten provincial technology projects which all are key and major techlology projects in Zhejiang province. Meanwhile, the patents have been applied in industiral production. The company’s core-competitiveness is developing green synthetic process, which has been using in researching and producing environmental friendly PVC heat stabilizers. 


Himpton people will hold the corporate spirit of “ Deligent, Ambition, Development, Innovation” and will substantially supplying the high performance and environmental friendly PVC heat stabilizers. On the other hand, we will keep on concentrating the environment protection for creating a green world.


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